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Dear sir,

I have been much blessed by the Derek Prince videos etc. on YouTube. Since the advent of macular degeneration into my life, the Lord has been teaching me to listen (I am unable to read anymore). So I have found Derek's teachings very helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much for continuing on with his good work. Enclosed a contribution to his ministry work.




22 May 2019

Thank you for the encouragement and work you do at Derek Prince Ministries. I am glad to be a small part of it, by God's grace.

Thank you for reaching people with the message of the gospel. As one touched by the teaching of Derek Prince about 3.5 years ago, I have always thanked God for Derek Prince Ministries.



10 May 2020

Thank you sincerely for this message and Derek Prince's teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I have been listening to his message for over 3 years now and through Derek Prince as his vessel; my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has taught me how to depend on him for everything. I was lost and did not rightly know my Heavenly Father, his son Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I am now a faithful believer, growing stronger in my relationship with Jesus. He is my redeemer and my link to our Heavenly Father. I live and breathe him, always. Jesus is my Holy addiction and I will never get enough of him. May our Heavenly Father bless you and all those servants and Ambassadors at Derek Prince Ministries all over the world and every person linked to you all, to continue to grow stronger, in the faith as you deliver the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the powerful name of Jesus! Blessings of safety, prosperity,  good health,  peace and joy, to you all in the name of Jesus and covered by the blood of Jesus! Amen!  Thank you Jesus for  using Derek Prince as a vessel to spread your true word through the Holy Spirit, all over the world.



6 February 2020


Dear Alex, Thank you so much. I really appreciate Derek Prince Ministry. The teachings are a real blessing.  We extensively use Derek Prince teachings (books, DVD, YouTube) at the restoration Centre, a 12 month rehab based on Christian teaching. Pastor Warren loves Derek Prince material and I also love the teachings - so clear, concise, biblical, spirit filled. God bless you.





4 July 2020

I frequently thank God for Derek Prince and his teachings, his knowledge and ability  to share God's Word logically, precisely, easy to understand, apply and practice. My knowledge is more because of Derek Prince and I am grateful.



15 August 2020



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