Testimony 1:

I've been a luke warm Christian for many years. I believe that listening to 'Blessing and curses',  has strengthened my walk with Christ Jesus. Pastor Prince was a strong and true man of God. Thank you for the YouTube I just watched. I'm now free to love Jesus more each day as I'm going to continue to watch, listen and read thd this amazing man's words.


Alexe (February 2018)


Testimony 2:


Just wanted to thank DPM and Derek for all the resources I have been able to use. I have nearly watched all his videos, I have listened to his Radio program on my mobile twice over and I have completed his Self Study Bible Course... One video sermon in particular was outstanding, it is called "The cross is my life", it helped God deliver me from an illness that had disabled me for 17 years, Praise God... One day I would like to share his material with others in my local community,

thanks again,

sincerely Michael


Testimony 3:

Please also pass my heart felt gratitude to your director for he sent me some material that is very helpful to me. 

I thank God for Derek Prince Ministries and pray that it reaches even more people with the life transforming teachings and message of Christ. 

Thanks and best regards,

 M (September 2017)


Testimony 4:

Thank you for the telephone conversation we had a little while ago.This has been a great blessing from God today.

I have been purchasing a great number of books and cds, dvds from Derek Prince Ministries over a period of time primarily to increase my understanding of God's Word. I am spiritually nourished by what he says about so many different topics relating to our faith in Jesus Christ.

One of the benefits of immersing myself in God's Word using Derek Prince's teachings is that I am better able to break open the Word of God for my faith communities. My faith is continually strengthened from hearing the Word of God and delving into the different books of the Old and New Testament and finding the seamless logic of God in His Word. Derek Prince has taught me to scan the whole Bible to find a comprehensive and multi-pronged perspective on any topic relating to our faith. The message is one, and it is reiterated from Genesis to Revelation. My desire is to read Derek Prince's teachings in the Hungarian language as I use both English and Hungarian daily in pastoral care. At the moment I only have his teachings in English so to have them in Hungarian as well would enable me to preach God's Word with greater clarity to those who speak Hungarian but are limited in their knowledge of the English language.

May God's blessings be with all those who work tirelessly at Derek Prince Ministries not only here in Australia but all around the world?God's blessings on you, Alex, and looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Kind regards,

Father Laszlo (September 2017)