Testimony 1:

'What I am amazed by is the sermons Derek preached in the 70's and 80's are more relevant today, than when he preached them.

What I am disappointed (and yet encouraged) about: is that after being a Christian since the mid-70s, going to bible college in the early 80's, being on this journey in charismatic churches for decades - I find myself being taught new things every day, in scriptures I know off by heart!

My wife and I are so thankful for what DPM has made available to people like us online and through radio.

God bless you,

Bill (November 2018)


Testimony 2:

I've been a luke warm Christian for many years. I believe that listening to 'Blessing and curses',  has strengthened my walk with Christ Jesus. Pastor Prince was a strong and true man of God. Thank you for the YouTube I just watched. I'm now free to love Jesus more each day as I'm going to continue to watch, listen and read thd this amazing man's words.


Alexe (February 2018)


Testimony 3:


Just wanted to thank DPM and Derek for all the resources I have been able to use. I have nearly watched all his videos, I have listened to his Radio program on my mobile twice over and I have completed his Self Study Bible Course... One video sermon in particular was outstanding, it is called "The cross is my life", it helped God deliver me from an illness that had disabled me for 17 years, Praise God... One day I would like to share his material with others in my local community,

thanks again,

sincerely Michael


Testimony 4:

Please also pass my heart felt gratitude to your director for he sent me some material that is very helpful to me. 

I thank God for Derek Prince Ministries and pray that it reaches even more people with the life transforming teachings and message of Christ. 

Thanks and best regards,

 M (September 2017)