Testimony 1:

So nice talking to you this morning.  And my life has definitely changed since finding Derek Prince.  I carry all of DP’s books, videos and mp3’s on my Samsung Note and listen/read them whenever I get a free moment.  I find Doctor’s, Dental appointments and anywhere else we wait not to be a problem anymore, in fact I find the time most enjoyable, as I just open up my Samsung Note and read/listen or even further my study notes with Derek.

Last time I had a Doctor’s appointment my Doctor apologized for the lengthy wait and I said, ‘It’s not a problem because I really enjoy the time sitting here reading without any disturbance.’  I even enjoy accompany my husband on his appointments as I have an ever longer time to read without feeling I should be up doing housework or something else that is really not that important.

Driving in the car I play Derek’s mp3 and the journey of travel is most pleasurable – I even find traffic jams have no effect on me as it allows me longer listening times.

I hope this helps others with finding the time to listen when they thought they had none.

Kind regards, N (April 2017)


Testimony 2:

I was introduced to Derek Prince some 20 years ago, when I watched a teaching of his titled "The Cross at the Centre." I'd never come across anything quite like it.

As a result I found myself drawn to explore more and more of this mans instruction of God's Word.  He was such a breath of fresh air.

At last, I felt I had found a teacher I could confidently trust.

Having run a business for a number of years, I began to consider as to whether I should go to  Bible college, and so the  question became which college should I choose?

My mind was made up when I felt the Lord say that college was not necessary, as all I would ever need to learn could be found in Derek's teaching.

Over the years God has used  many fine men and women of God to encourage me with His word.

However, on the occasions when I have grown in my faith because of new and significant spiritual insight, it has been without exception Derek Prince whom God has used to explain and undergird the importance of my new insight and understanding.

Although I never met him in person, it is a blessing to have access to his teaching. To God be all the Glory.

Thank you Lord for your servant, Derek.

GR (April 2017)