May 5—South Africa  

  • Pray for the elections on May 8. Many people are disillusioned by corrupt leaders, so there are parties standing on strong Christian principles. Pray for peaceful elections and for righteous leaders to be raised up at this critical time.
  • Pray for God to bless and use the Mega Voice Solar Player project. Another 35 players loaded with Derek’s teaching were distributed to ministries, Bible colleges, and prisons in South Africa.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Staff member, Jennette, was miraculously saved from a serious accident when a car which could not make the highway off ramp overturned at the barrier onto the freeway. She saw the car flying through the air and waited for the impact, but it never happened. The man behind her said he does not know how he avoided hitting her from behind. Praise God!
  • Three more radio stations have requested Derek’s broadcast material, two in South Africa and one in Zambia.


May 6—Algeria

The Algerian team is asking for prayer as they face a difficult time of unrest in their nation where there are protests and demonstrations because of the presidential elections, which have been postponed.


May 7—Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s protection over Director, Marcel, as he travels extensively throughout many different areas to teach and minister using Derek’s Bible teaching.
  • Pray for a greater awareness of the DPM–Indonesia website (

Praise & Thanksgiving:

Two seminars were held for pastors and Christian leaders during February in central Java. The subject was Shepherding God’s Flock. and the teaching was from Derek’s book. Rediscovering God’s Church.


May 8—France

Why Israel? was recently released, and more than 2,000 copies were distributed free of charge. Pray for the French Church, traditionally not very “pro-Israel,” to understand God’s heart on this issue and learn how to pray effectively for Israel and the Jewish people.  

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We praise God for several unexpected donations, which made life a bit easier!


May 9—Estonia/Russia

The DPM outreach worker in Estonia travels this month to Russia to meet with pastors in several cities. He will be taking some of Derek's books for presentations and for evangelism. Pray for the Lord’s protection and anointing upon him during this time.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We thank God that He led us to hold workshops in Lithuania in February in the cities of Birzai and Panevezys.
  • We are grateful for His material and physical provision for the ministry and for us personally.


May 10—Rwanda/Burundi

Translation is being finalized on two books in both Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) and Kirundi (Burundi). Pray that the artwork and proofreading will be done with great skill in a short time so that this material can be made available as soon as possible for so many people who need it.


May 11—Albania

  • Pray for the successful printing of new books and anointing upon everyone involved.
  • Pray for good collaboration with denominational churches and an openness to Derek’s teaching.
  • Elections are taking place soon. Pray for peace amidst the many recent protests and God to continue to work in this nation.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We thank God for good team work and good facilities for our book distribution. We are so grateful the Lord is touching the lives of non-believers here through Derek’s material.