May 12—France

  • Pray for more students to enroll in the Bible Correspondence Course and for those who stopped to continue. Also pray for Catherine as she handles the course as well as other responsibilities.
  • Continue to pray for more inroads into the Roman Catholic Church as it continues to move away from the Christian faith into Universalism and dialogue with other faiths. Pray that those who are true believers will not continue on any deceptive paths.


May 13—Serbia

  • Pray for favor with the Ministry of the Interior to register DPM in Serbia as a non-profit organization and that the process will go smoothly and fast.
  • Pray for the book, Christ’s Last Order, to inspire many to share the “Good News” with their neighbors, friends and coworkers.


May 14—Ukraine

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance for new Russian and Ukrainian translations of Derek's materials and for successful publication and distribution.
  • Pray for soldiers, prisoners, and those in rehabilitation centers where Derek’s teaching is shared.


May 15—China

  • Requests have already come in this year to print six Derek Prince titles in China. Pray for wisdom to know which books to print first and for the finances to complete these and other printings.
  • The crackdown on Christians in China continues, including a dangerous plan to “Sinicize”  the Bible by changing parts of it to align it with Communist doctrine. Pray for Chinese believers to know the difference between the real Bible and this false Bible. But first, pray for those who seek to do this to be thwarted in their efforts!


May 16—Australia

DPM will host a conference in Sydney on June 1, on the topic, “Christ’s Last Order.” The speakers will be Ross Paterson, DPM–China Director and Patrick Russell, Australian Director of Christian Friends of Israel. Pray for final preparations, good response, the Lord’s anointing upon this time of teaching and sharing, and many to be blessed by the material that will be made available.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We recently received a phone call from a prison chaplain in a large prison who had received Derek’s books from us for the first time. He was delighted with response to the material and had to place more books on the prison library shelves.


May 17—Germany

  • Pray for clarity in recognizing the doors God is opening to reach the German-speaking nations with Derek’s teaching and for distractions that are not from God to be avoided.
  • Pray for wisdom regarding which of Derek's new books to translate and produce next.
  • Pray for God's continued provision for all the tasks He has assigned for the team in Germany.


May 18—Solomon Islands

  • Pray for those in the Rove Correctional Center who are going through Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course to gain a strong foundation in God’s Word and enter into a close relationship with Jesus.
  • Pray that many people will visit Christian Superstore in Honiara that sells Derek’s material.
  • Pray for many more listeners to Derek’s daily radio program.