December 23—Scandinavia

Pray for DPM’s ministry to continue to grow in Sweden and Denmark under the DPM leaders in these nations, for increased support and more pastors and individuals to learn of and want Derek’s teaching.


December 24—Myanmar

  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for the DPM team here and for the ministry to expand.
  • A seminar was recently held by partner ministry, Health Care Christian Fellowship, for 50 Christian leaders who received Derek’s book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power. Pray that these teachings will bless and equip all those who attended so that they will then teach many others.


December 25—Bulgaria

Pray for the translators as they continue work on 30 video teachings in Bulgarian that will be uploaded on YouTube and for many lives to be changed through these messages.


December 26—United States

  • Pray for strengthened relationships in the coming year with ministries who are sharing Derek’s teaching with college students and young adults.
  • Pray for good connections with many more young people in 2019 through events that DPM will take part in where Derek’s material will be given away.


December 27—Armenia

Pray for the DPM team in Armenia to know God’s guidance and wisdom as they go into 2019, especially about which of Derek’s books to translate, print and reprint.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

Our team has received so many orders of Derek's books from readers that they are now very busy distributing them. Thank God for the great demand recently among Armenian Christians.


December 28—Israel

  • The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has been a great protection over Israel in years past, and some who have served faithfully will retire this year. Pray for God to give them more young soldiers who love Israel and fear Him and for His protection over them.
  • Pray for the Jacksons and the team in Israel to have the Lord’s guidance in the year ahead.


December 29—Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon Director, Marcel, as he shares Derek’s teaching in the largest Muslim nation in the world (by population) and for new doors for ministry.
  • Marcel ministered in Papua New Guinea in September where there are about 10 churches, and the people are in real need of Bible teaching. Pray that he can make a return trip next year.