January 27—Uganda

There is interest in having Derek’s material translated into local languages. The challenge is finding the right translators, especially when a language is mostly spoken and seldom written. Pray for contact with the right people and wisdom as to how best to make Derek’s teaching accessible in rural areas.

Praise & Thanksgiving: Zambia (Angola/Congo)

Ricky van der Walt made a trip to NW Zambia on the Congo and Angola border. He ministered to pastors and leaders and held evangelistic services in 12 locations, including Ikelenge and Sachibondu, where Derek ministered in 1984. Fifty pastors came from Angola and 50 from Congo. The South Africa office sent 12 boxes of material with him for distribution to those in remote areas: 13 Mega Voice players with 400 hours of teaching; 83 DVD sets of teaching in English, Bemba, French, Swahili and Portuguese; 150 French books, the Self-Study Bible Course in English, French, Bemba, CDs, Teaching Letters and books.


January 28—United States

  • Pray for growing contact with churches and other missions-minded ministries who would desire to provide Derek’s material for those who need teaching and equipping in God’s Word.
  • Continue to pray for the U.S. prison outreach, which is reaching hundreds of inmates each month with free material. Testimonies and letters of thanks are received regularly from both men and women as to how Derek’s teaching is changing their lives.


January 29—Croatia

The recently published book, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, has been well accepted here. Pray that it will encourage and equip Croatian Christians in their walk with Christ and increase their prayer life.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We praise the Lord for a growing list of Facebook friends. Short video clips of Derek´s teaching and prayers have impacted the lives of thousands of believers in Croatia.


January 30—Turkey

  • Pray for many new visitors to the new Turkish website which was recently launched.
  • Pray that God would grant wisdom to the DPM team in Turkey in how to reach and help many Christians here who are facing severe challenges.


January 31—Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s protection over Director Marcel as he travels extensively to many different areas of Indonesia to teach and minister using Derek’s Bible teaching.
  • Pray for many new doors to open in order to supply people with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for a greater awareness of the Indonesia website (https://www.derekprinceindonesia.org/).

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • I (Marcel) recently had opportunities to minister. In Sentani, I taught from Life’s Bitter Pool, and many were touched by the Holy Spirit. I am now setting up a pastors’ meeting and will send a copy of Derek’s Indonesian books to them. In another location, there are 10 churches that need good Bible training, so I will return. I taught as well at the Discipleship Training School (Youth with a Mission), and the students (most new believers of just a few weeks) experienced deliverance.
  • Several months ago, I sent 300 copies each of Called to Conquer and Power of Proclamation to a pastor in Solo, whose ministry is to other pastors. He said the books blessed all who got them.
  • A pastor from Australia visited Indonesia last October and distributed packs of Derek’s material to hundreds of pastors in east and central Java. The books were received with much joy.


February 1—International

Pray for the directors, staff, outreach workers and their families at over 50 DPM bases. Some are battling cancer, other serious health issues, and various crises. Pray for all to walk in good health, strength, favor, provision, anointing and protection, and for DPM worldwide to be a “cancer-free zone.” (A listing of DPM offices with directors’ names is on our website.)


February 2—Sri Lanka

India Directors, Elsie and Danny, return to Sri Lanka early this month. Churches there are being challenged with increased demonic activity among their people, and many leaders don’t know how to deal with it. Pray for protection and anointing for Elsie and Danny as they teach on this issue.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

The outreach trip last September was a great time of deliverance for many people. Elsie and Danny completed the Bible college module, and 35 leaders were sent forth with a strong foundation in God’s Word. Then four conferences and two outreaches were held where they reached a number of pastors. Many people came for prayer and each one experienced a dramatic deliverance. They are blessed as they are now hearing testimonies from the sowing they have done the last past five years in Sri Lanka!