April 28—Norway

  • Pray for more pastors to be willing to use Derek’s teaching in their congregations.
  • Pray for one or two larger investors to help expand ministry to the Sami people in the north.


April 29—Poland

Derek’s teaching can now be found on Facebook and the new Polish website (www.derekprince.pl). Pray for God's blessing on these new outlets and for many people to access them and have their lives changed by God’s Word.


April 30—Israel

  • Derek’s Foundations teaching has been completed in Hebrew in four smaller books, which are now available to the Jewish people. Pray they will become aware of them and desire to have the material.
  • Derek is now known by many believers. Pray that will continue to increase.


May 1—International

Pray for the directors, staff, outreach workers and their families at over 50 DPM bases. Some are battling cancer, other serious health issues, and various crises. Pray for all to walk in good health, strength, favor, provision, anointing and protection, and for DPM worldwide to be a “cancer-free zone.” (A listing of DPM offices with directors’ names is on our website.)


May 2—Netherlands

On May 11, a conference will be held with DPM–China Director, Ross Paterson, teaching. His topic will be on “Christ’s Last Order” and “Longing for Jesus’ Coming.” He will also share about the Church in China today. Pray for safe travel and good health for Ross and for the Lord to work mightily through Ross and all those who pray and minister.


May 3—India

The general election is in seven phases (April 11–May 19), with the counting on May 23. The Church here is praying for change and for Congress, the only safe government for Christians, to return to power. The future of every ministry depends on it. Pray for God to intervene and for people not to be captivated by false propaganda, but to vote clearly for security and stability. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

Thank God for the completion of one more season of the DPM Bible College in Trichy. This was the 10th year of training. More than 60 pastors and leaders completed this latest two-year course, and each one received a complete set of Derek’s books and SD cards in Tamil.

We encouraged them to take the teaching they had received and to teach many others in their own areas and churches. The 6th two-year course is now in progress and will be completed in December 2020. This time we are also making a video recording of the teaching program in the Bible College, thanks to the facilities now at our disposal from my (Elsie) late father’s large media ministry.


May 4—Spain

Many Russian-speaking Jews live in Torrevieja, Spain, where there are several Russian churches, but they are not in unity. Pray for God's guidance and understanding to serve the Russian speakers here.