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Throughout the years, the work of Derek Prince Ministries on the continent of Africa has been growing and expanding. Many people are unaware of all the DPM outreaches and initiatives taking place in that continent.

We trust the examples we share in this update will encourage you and inspire you. As God moves among us and leads us in this expanding work, we believe we are seeing the fruit of the seeds which Derek Prince sowed in Africa many decades ago.

Young People Are the Key

Few people realize that Africa has the youngest population in the world. In fact, around 40% of the population is under the age of 15. Astonishingly, the median age (where half the population is younger than that age and half is older) is around 20 years old, compared with 38 years old in the USA and nearly 44 years old in Europe.


These statistics bear out a conviction the Lord has placed individually and corporately on the hearts of the leaders of the DPM work going on throughout Africa: Without delay, we need to develop the enormous potential of the young people.

Let’s go back 65 years to when Derek and Lydia Prince first went to Kenya in 1957. For five years, Derek was the principal of a teacher training college in Nyang’ori near Kisumu. His desire was to sow into the lives of the young men and women who came to be trained as teachers—and his influence had a profound effect. Not surprisingly, many of his students rose to prominence in their professions. From time-to-time, we meet them in our travels.


The Right Person: One of Derek’s Students

An example of one of those meetings took place in February 2021 when Geoffrey Auma, our East Africa coordinator, was invited to the launch of the first Luo Bible in Kisumu, Kenya. Geoffrey is from the Luo tribe and has a personal interest in seeing the gospel come more widely to his people. We asked the Lord to lead Geoffrey to the right person to help us translate Derek’s Bible teaching. After the thanksgiving service at the launch, Geoffrey approached the man whom the Lord had pointed out. It was Samuel Ogalo, who was overwhelmed with delight to meet Geoffrey.

A New Harvest

The wonderful opportunity to plant the seed of God’s Word in young people’s lives through Derek Prince’s teaching is presenting itself again. In schools, colleges, and universities across the region, we are hearing a cry for us to come and help.

It is reminiscent of Paul’s comment in 1 Corinthians 16:9, “…for a wide door of effective service has opened to me, and there are many adversaries” (NASB). It is our firm belief that as we bring the seed of the Gospel along with the fertiliser of Derek Prince’s Bible teaching, God will supply the refreshing rain of the Holy Spirit and enable a significant harvest.
There are many adversaries who are planting tares amongst the wheat. The education systems have largely eradicated Christianity, and the youth are being steered away from the truth. Even so, there is a deep hunger and receptivity to the gospel of the Kingdom. Our ardent desire is to serve the young people of Africa by shaping their hearts and minds in the image of Christ, enabling them to respond to the calling which God has for them.

Derek Prince Ministries Bible School - East Africa



Derek Prince Ministries Bible School - East Africa some graduates of 2021


"First week of December 2021, 530 DPMBS students graduated in 14 different places in Kenya. This took place after successfully completion of recommended study.

It’s a great testimony, that some of the students have come back to volunteer in DPM outreach programs. We have finished grouping them, some will be handling Prison outreach across the Nation, some we directed to minister to the sick in hospitals as they give Derek Prince Newsletters and proclamation cards.

We give God the Glory and the honor." Geoffrey DPM Coordinator.


Your Opportunity to Sow into the harvest fields!

We have major, active work in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda. There is also interest and opportunity coming from the surrounding nations of South Sudan, Eastern DRC, and Malawi.
The task is enormous. But we believe God is able to make all grace abound to us to accomplish this great work (see 2 Corinthians 9:8).

Would you please join us, first in praying for ministry amongst the youth of Africa:

• That the Lord would lead and guide us in every aspect of our work.
• That the young people would be receptive to the good news of the Kingdom.
• That their lives would be transformed as they come to a knowledge of the Truth: through Jesus, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit.
• That they would not become unfruitful through the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches.
• That our distributors, teachers, and other staff—along with their families—would be protected in their travels and interactions (particularly from malaria, which is more problematic than the current pandemic).

If you would also like to contribute financially to the work in East Africa, we would welcome the opportunity to partner together. We are making Bibles available, along with Derek Prince’s teaching, in greater and greater numbers to young and old alike. It is our desire to sow deeply into current and future generations—just as Derek did.

Thank you in advance for whatever help you can provide.

Yours in His service,

Peter Lindop                            Alex Genovese
Director of DPM-East Africa    Director, DPM–Australia

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Peter and Geoffrey

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