Dear Ministry Friend,

We have received news from our DPM Eastern Europe and Ukraine Directors we are in a good position to help with the distribution of Derek Prince Bible teaching material to Eastern Europe believers and also in giving humanitarian assistance to many displaced Ukrainian people entering eastern Europe through Poland, Romania and another nations.


In our current world situation, COVID-19 has affected every continent, country, city, and family on Earth. Each of us has felt the consequences of the virus and the limitations it  has imposed. In Eastern Europe, many have lost family members or friends, suffered bankruptcy, or lost their jobs. One of the negative impacts of the spread of the virus has been the closure of churches to an extent Eastern Europe has never experienced—not even during the communist era.

In addition to COVID-19, another pandemic is spreading through nations: fear, frustration, anger, and uncertainty about the future. Many are asking questions like: “How can a loving God allow so much suffering? Why doesn´t He do something by virtue of His omnipotence?”

Despite the worldwide storm we are witnessing, the work of DPM in Eastern Europe continues. Our hearts are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude when we hear testimonies of how God is using Derek´s teaching in the lives of many. The impact is true ministry to people, bringing them hope and allowing them to anchor their lives in the unshakable Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ.


One of the testimonies we want to share is that of Igor Budanov, age 37. Originally from Novi Sad in Serbia, Igor was addicted to heroin and other drugs which destroyed his life and tore his family apart. When he reached the age of 21, he was confronted with the Gospel and came to know Jesus as his personal Savior. Igor describes his experience in his own words:



When churches in Eastern Europe began closing at the beginning of the pandemic, not many were technically equipped to switch to online broadcasting of services. Many Christians were thus cut off from their normal spiritual nourishment and fellowship.

In this situation, we have seen an increased demand for Derek´s books, especially in areas where there is not a good internet connection. The younger generations are seeking out video and audio recordings of Derek's teachings on our DPM YouTube channels. Our DPM team in Romania has worked very hard to translate more than one hundred of Derek´s audio teachings, offering them for free on their YouTube channel. Here is a message of appreciation from one of our listeners:

Thank you, DPM-Romania’s channel! All these teachings are an invaluable blessing to the spirit, soul, and body. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! May God reward you for your hard work and effort! I feel extremely privileged and grateful to be able to watch these sessions! Be blessed!”

– Maria, Romania


More doors are opening throughout Eastern Europe to multitudes of believers who are hungry to know Jesus better. They long to learn from His Word and to walk more intimately with God.

We have a great opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Frankly, we cannot make that difference without you, our dear partner. Your prayers and financial support are of vital importance to this ministry.


Your generous gift at this time will enable us to provide solid and much-needed Bible teaching for pastors who are training the next generation of church leaders. This is what we plan to accomplish in the coming year:


  • Print—in several languages—books such as Faith to Live ByUnshakable Hope, Why Do Bad Things Happen toOTN-2022-02-EE-3 God's People?, Hope Beyond Grief, Life’s Bitter Pool, and many others.


  • Translate teaching letters, printing them on demand and making them available for free.


  • Provide subtitles for Derek´s most needed video messages, for use in a growing number of small home groups that do Bible studies.


  • Redesign and update the websites of several DPM-EE outreaches. 


Will you partner with us to accomplish the work that is before us? At times like this, I think of the widow from Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:7–16. During a time of great famine, God sent the prophet Elijah to her and she provided a meal for him. I´m always amazed how God honored her faith and her simple act of obedience. Her sacrificial giving released the miraculous power of God´s supply into her life. The Lord is the same now. He is faithful, and He will reward every joyful giver just the same!

Do you know that our DPM-Eastern Europe team is regularly praying for you and your loved ones? We are asking God´s blessing upon your family, your business, your health, and every aspect of your life. You are a vital part of our team, and we thank you for partnering with us through your prayers and generosity!

Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your generosity!





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How you can help:

Your gift will be used to sustain the outreach to nations in Eastern and Central Europe and Ukraine

Your gift will help us sent humanitarian aid to churches in the border regions with Ukraine.

Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your generosity!