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We have written many reports on how Derek Prince’s teachings have been a blessing to the pastors and the larger church community in India. But in recent times, Derek’s resources have represented a last, vital straw of hope that people cling to. Truly, that is what they have become to us and the hundreds of pastors we work with, in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic that hit India in 2021-22. These materials have continued to encourage and embolden a community of believers in India who have witnessed the worst of the pandemic as it has claimed the lives of many loved ones. 

Applying the Blood
Derek’s new book, Applying the Blood, could not have come at a more appropriate time. Proclaiming the power of the blood of Jesus produced mighty deliverance, bringing these principles to life for every leader and believer who received them.

Through most of the past year, we shared Derek’s teaching on the blood of Jesus to pastors who were dealing with huge loss of life in the communities around them. Here are just two testimonies that resulted:


Increased Opportunities

These testimonies and many others like them have given us a new resolve to bring Derek Prince’s vital and timely insights to many more leaders all around India. Leaders often know and believe the facts of the Bible. But sometimes, they lack the practical application that keeps them from moving forward in victory. Applying Derek’s messages personally can give them the breakthroughs they are looking for.

In these times, we feel particularly burdened to reach young leaders. The current pastoral focus, for the most part, has been on songs, worship, and keeping the youth entertained—sometimes because the leaders do not have a strong foundation in the Word of God. Redirecting their focus to holiness and commitment, we hope to extend the residential training courses to upcoming leaders, tailoring the syllabus to include those topics they most clearly need.

The Next Generations

Ministering to this young generation of believers, we will focus on making Entering the Presence of God and By Grace Alone available as well. These materials will enable young believers to establish a firm foundation through deep, personal connection with the Lord.

Having seen the effectiveness of The Power of Proclamation, we will also aim to distribute this title to leaders along with more copies of Applying the Blood.


Further Afield

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is currently going through a very difficult time economically and politically. We plan to make a return visit from India to Sri Lanka in May to encourage and support the pastors we have worked with there. These pastors have been constantly in touch with us, requesting that we come and minister to them through Derek’s teaching. We hope to hold seven seminars for 150-200 pastors in each gathering.

Our intention is also to reprint What’s So Important About the Cross? and Applying the Blood in Sinhala and Tamil for this trip to Sri Lanka. These will be distributed for free to pastors and leaders alike.


In the last 20 years, thousands of Derek’s books have been distributed in Nepal. They have been provided free-of-charge to pastors all over the nation through seminars and church distribution,

ng with free distribution to Bible college teachers and graduates. Pastors throughout the nation, like Ps. Bhupendra Karki of west Nepal, continue to find Derek’s resources invaluable for their own spiritual growth.


 Gopaljee is the only publisher in Nepal distributing thousands of books to pastors and leaders each year. It is crucial that we continue to keep him well stocked with Derek’s Nepali books. In 2021, thanks to your generous gifts, Gopaljee was able to distribute 23,000 books free of charge to pastors and Christian leaders! This year, we need to keep this momentum going, and we plan to print an additional 44,000 Nepali-language books.

Your Help Is Vital

Would you please prayerfully consider partnering with us to disciple pastors and leaders across India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal? The impact of your generous support for the various publishing efforts and training outreaches is impossible to measure. Thank you for playing a vital role in bringing hope and healing to this part of the world.


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Tamil Gospel singer-songwriter is using Derek's proclamations to share God's powerful truths to the world.

Some years ago, brother Berchmanns requested our team in India for a copy of Derek's book Prayers and Proclamations in Tamil, which they gladly sent to him. Last month, our DPM India outreach directors, Elsie and Danny met him, and when they did, an amazing discovery was made. Elsie shares:

"I was telling him about the ministry we are doing through church and DPM and it suddenly occurred to me that it would be good if he could write a song and sing it – based on Derek's proclamation about the Power of the Blood. 

When I suggested that to him, he told me something that shocked me – he has written and published several hundreds of songs, based on every proclamation in the book! And to think that people have been singing these songs in Tamil churches throughout Tamil Nadu and the world was amazing. 

It made me think as millions of people have heard the songs on YouTube... This is one more of the ways that God’s promise to Derek Prince about 'the mighty ocean' is being fulfilled!!


Glory to God for all He has done.