Dear Friend,

If you could see with your own eyes what Elsie Daniel, one of our DPM–India outreach directors, saw during her recent trips to Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Goa, you would know in a heartbeat what she knows is true. You are impacting the lives and ministries of thousands of church leaders across India.

You would witness the blossoming of hope in the eyes of young and old Christians. And, you would take delight in seeing the joy experienced by many who received free Derek Prince books, which they would use again and again. 

I want you to know just how much we appreciate you as a member of our DPM family of supporters. We are incredibly grateful for your generous gifts to our outreaches in the Indian Subcontinent.

With your backing all the way, we have been able to put Derek’s teaching into the hands of tens of thousands of pastors, evangelists and other believers in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and elsewhere in this region.  

Through our ministry of discipleship using Derek’s extensive library of messages, we are helping to create a new future for the Church in the Indian Subcontinent.

That future is happening right now.

Our dream is to continue to do this—to print, duplicate and distribute thousands of Derek’s books, audios and DVDs to poorly trained church leaders. 

Think of it—thousands of Indian, Sri Lankan and Nepalese pastors could benefit from Derek’s teaching on spiritual warfare, prayer, breaking curses and other vital topics. But, only if they have access to discipleship resources we can offer.

You and I can make this happen. The renewal of your support today will help us to plan and move forward along that path.

Your gift of $30, $60, $100, or any amount of your choice, can help us introduce thousands of pastors and other believers to Derek’s teaching in the months to come.

Your decision to give right now to our DPM outreach in the Indian Subcontinent really does matter!

Thanks to your generous gift today, we can continue to reprint key titles like Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, Foundations for Living, and The Power of Proclamation in 13 different languages for pastors and Bible college graduates in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal.

DPM’s Indian Subcontinent outreaches depend on your help, so please consider making a secure online donation today.

Together we can provide much-needed spiritual food to many believers in the Indian Subcontinent this year.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

God’s blessings,

Click here to download a PDF of this outreach report.


How you can help:

  • $12 can put Life-Changing Spiritual Power into the hands of six believers.
  • $50 can provide Graduate packs for 10 young pastors in training.  
  • $100 can give 50 pastors a comprehensive Bible study resource they can use in the mission field.