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Indigenous Outreach

We praise the Lord for the expansion of our outreach activities amongst the Indigenous Community and for the doors that the Lord has opened at the Wellington Correctional Centre and in Papua New Guinea.

We also praise the Lord for connecting us with Terry Medling in Alice Springs and Graham Cassel who both have a heart and passion to reach out with love and Bible teaching to the First Nation people.

As you read this report you will note how Graeme and Veronica Hunter have continued their amazing labour for the Lord, carrying out outreach activities in NSW and The Northern Territory. In the latter part of the year however, due to some ill health and family pressures they had to reduce their travel in 2018 and will in 2019 gradually wind down their outreach

Graeme & Veronica have been involved with DPM for well over 15 years and have tirelessly and faithfully served in our outreach to the Aboriginal community. I have at all times appreciated their integrity and friendship.

Alex Genovese
DPM-Australia Director

Indigenous Outreach 2018 - Report by Graeme and Veronica Hunter

Our ministry trip in January to Yamba was a great catch up with many old faces and some new contacts for 2018. The whole week of meetings was full of Spirit filled encounters. In the words of evangelist Gerald James who was the principal speaker at the meetings, quote “Just returned from ministry at the annual Aboriginal gathering in Ngaru Village in Yamba, there was a tangible move of the Holy Spirit in all the meetings.”

We were delighted to meet two elderly Aboriginal ladies. One 88 and the other 92; Norma and Elizabeth. They were both involved with the revival of the 1950’s and love the Lord with all their hearts. They are an inspiration. They are cousins, and before the gathering at Yamba, hadn’t seen one another for over 50 years!

Also, the USB flash drives and the books were gratefully received. One leading Aboriginal pastor said “I will treasure this” when Graeme gave him a USB flash drive containing 30 foundational teachings on video by Derek Prince.

The Aboriginal Solemn Assembly held in Casino on the 21st - 23rd September was amazing - the best weekend of meetings we have ever been a part of. There was powerful and anointed worship, inspiring Spirit led speakers, much repentance and forgiveness and a mighty experience of oneness and of coming together in love.

Derek’s books and the Proclamation Cards were very popular. Some young Aboriginal men who are hungry for good teaching asked where they could get more books so we are hoping to be able to fill a small order for a few of them.

We ministered among our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in the Northern Territory (Yuendumu in the Tanami Desert and in Old Timer’s Camp in Alice Springs). The plight of Aboriginal people
here is the worst I’ve seen - drunkenness, drug addiction and awful sickness and disease.

We spent a few days ministering the love of Jesus to people on the streets with many of them receiving tangible healings. The Lord touched a man who we found sitting on the roadside and he gave his heart to Jesus. We also visited the Alice Springs hospital with Pastor Terry where we prayed for many patients and their families.

We feel that God has planted a seed through this experience to reach out to “His lost people” with love and compassion.

I wish to thank God for giving me this opportunity to minister to these suffering people. God demonstrated His power with mighty instantaneous healings which caused the people’s eyes to be
opened to see the reality of God.


1. Averaging around 30 First Nation people on a Sunday.
2. They are growing stronger in ministering amongst their people which is bringing new people to the church.
3. Always a strong presence of the HOLY SPIRIT when we come together.
4. Many have been healed in body and soul plus having dreams and visions and seeing Angels.

I’m getting much encouragement with Derek Prince Material which is helping me in preaching on Spiritual Warfare.

We are now looking forward to our Christmas crusade with Gerald James who will be our guest speaker. Next year will be an exciting year in reaching out to our First Nation people and seeing these people rise to a new level of identity in Jesus.

Graham and Sandra and their combined family of ten children ranging from 2-25yrs (youngest 5 are still living at home) plus an additional adopted 15 year old aboriginal boy have been called to
reach the Australian Indigenous people throughout Australia. At their current location and season of life they primarily minister to young aboriginal men and their extended families in NSW.
Graham travels often and has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and ministered in some of the remotest areas of Australia, some only accessible by plane or boat. Their family has been adopted
by the Yolngu people from Elcho Island of East Arnhem Land NT. This has proven to be a significant factor and obvious favour of the Lord in allowing Graham permission and invitation to access various geographical locations and aboriginal communities closed to the rest of the population. During his most recent mission to East Arnhem Land, Graham was accompanied by Nathan a young aboriginal man whom Graham’s family have embraced and mentored and consider a spiritual son. This was a significant way of displaying different skin colour walking together and living as one in Christ. Also joining him was Nicola from the Gold Coast who has a heart for the Indigenous people of this nation. Nicola played a major role in heart to heart connection with the indigenous women and hears a call to future aboriginal ministry.

Graham was invited to preach at a rally in Millingimbi where the Word was well received and healing occurred and His power demonstrated. Quite a large number of Derek’s books were given upon prior request, to some of the leaders for distribution to the people. The next task was a plane trip over to Elcho Island to distribute more Derek Prince material and encourage the believers in their faith and following Jesus. Specific time was set apart to share with the young men and highlight the importance of their role in the family and the Lord’s directive in scripture on how to treat their wives. The Derek Prince book on fatherhood was given to a young man who is showing leadership potential and who has already read the Derek Prince book on spiritual warfare.

The final stage of the trip was spent in the Darwin area investigating the potential use of a facility that can house large amounts of aboriginal people for the purpose of developing healthy spiritual disciplines and opportunity to work through a systematic bible study and be grounded in the Word of God by using the Derek Prince Self-Study Bible Course book. Hoping to now see the year out with prayer and preparation for 2019 trips and some much needed time with the family.



We would like to thank Derek Prince Ministries for the supply of books for distribution to our PNG Pastors, Leaders, Bible colleges and Pastors training. These teaching materials have been a tremendous blessing for men & women who are serving God, often in remote rural villages with very little resources. For many of these faithful people these are the only books they have, apart from their Bible that are really helpful to them.

Papua New Guinea has a population of around 8.2 million people, and the Christian churches have challenges with cults, and there is still a strong identification with cultural practices, including traditional witchcraft. That is why Derek Prince’s Bible, based and easily understandable teaching is so valuable for our people.

We are now involved in training Pastors and Leaders throughout the Region. We travel to several locations, conducting Discipleship Leaders Training, where we bring the books to give to Pastors & Leaders into a central village or town. The teaching is very actively received and we give a supply of the DPM books to each Pastor & Leader.

We look forward to our successful partnership with DPM continuing for many years to come.

Prison Ministry Outreach

Derek Prince teaching resources are greatly appreciated. I have used the Self Study Bible Course with an inmate who has since been transferred to another gaol. He learned much from the many topic areas in the book. We’d regularly cover one chapter each week where he’d do the homework (answer the questions) and then we’d meet and sit together to go over his answers and discuss the topic. This course proved a great way of encouraging the inmate to move through many sections of his bible in a short amount of time. The inmate showed that he was more confident in his understanding of many of the topic areas studied. This inmate eventually asked to be water baptised when we covered study 4, ‘Water Baptism’.

The small booklets on SALVATION, FATHERHOOD and REJECTION are all very popular with the inmates. A number of inmates have commented on how good the booklets are, being very easy to read and digest. When we put these booklets on our Chapel shelf for inmates to take, we quickly run out of the stock in a short time.

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Australian Outreach Report- January 2019

As you have read in the previous report, DPM has increased the number of ministers who are utilizing Derek's material. Would you please consider helping us in 2019 with the DPM Australian Outreach project? To donate follow the below link.

Thank you,

Alex Genovese
DPM-Australia Director