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Derek Prince began his ministry in Israel in 1946 and the last two decades of his life there. In fact, one of the unique features of his teaching and ministry was his love and concern for Israel.

Derek believed that God would fulfil every promise He had made to the household of Israel, and his heart’s desire was to see the Jewish people believe God for those same truths. 

In 'Why Israel?' Derek says: ‘Before the Lord returns, certain events have to take place. The Jewish people have to be re-established in Jerusalem and in the land. Why? Because the Lord is not coming back until they are. Then, there has to be a supernatural revelation of Jesus which will turn the hearts of the Jewish people to Himself.’

In other words, if we truly long to see the Lord return, we are to love Israel and to pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to the Jewish people and that they will turn to Him. We are also to provide good Bible teaching to seekers and believers in Israel.

Our DPM outreach in Israel is focused on these vital tasks of raising intercessors for Israel and equipping the church in Israel to grow strong disciples of Jesus.

Will you join forces with our outreach workers and volunteers in Israel by giving and by interceding for Israel and its people?

Because of your generosity our outreach workers and volunteers can continue to:

Translate and publish Derek Prince' materials in Hebrew: including books, CD's and DVDs. The need for solid teaching in Israel is great, for the Messianic church here is young and has great spiritual needs.


Here are some ways you can support the people of Israel.

  • Pray - Pray for the children of Israel to be regathered in the land of Israel fulfilling Biblical prophecy. 

  • Give - Translate and publish Derek Prince' materials in Hebrew

  • Get - Order Derek's teachings on Israel for yourself and your family.  

  • Share - Share Derek's resources with friends, church members



What could be more loving than praying for the Jewish people to enter into all that God has destined for them.

We want to thank you in advance for your prayers, support of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.


Yours in Christ’s service,

Derek Prince Ministries Australia.


How you can help

Thank you so much for your willingness to help touch lives with the good news of Jesus in Israel.



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