Outreach to the Middle East

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered how your giving to DPM’s Middle East Outreach is helping unlock the power of God’s Word into people’s lives? If so, let me tell you about Rev. Andrawes and Magdi (a new Christian, whose name I’ve changed to protect his identity).

 When Rev. Andrawes, a priest in the Coptic church in Egypt, read Life-Changing Spiritual Power, he was deeply impacted by Derek’s teaching on how both Freemasonry and generational curses can affect someone’s life.

Little did he know then that God would lead him to minister to people who desperately needed to hear such teaching. People like Magdi, whose family was experiencing severe problems. They were struggling financially, their home was broken into by thieves, and they had recently lost one of their daughters in a car accident.

Just as they thought they had already hit rock bottom, Magdi was diagnosed with gangrene that might require his doctor to cut off one of his legs.

Magdi’s wife, who was already a strong believer in Jesus, asked Rev. Andrawes to pray for him.  As Rev. Andrawes started to pray for Magdi, God reminded him that Magdi’s father was an important figure in a masonic group.

Rev. Andrawes went back and reviewed Derek Prince’s teaching about Freemasonry. Afterwards, he spoke to Magdi about renouncing all his ties with Freemasonry.

When Magdi heard about the destructive power of generational curses related to his father’s involvement in Freemasonry, he asked Rev. Andrawes to pray for him.

The moment they began to pray, Magdi’s face changed. He began to pray loudly and powerfully like never before. He felt relieved from a great burden, and asked Rev. Andrawes to lead him in accepting Jesus into his life.

But Magdi’s story does not end there.

The next morning, Magdi fell on the ground and no one could explain why. His wife and daughter rushed him to the hospital and called Rev. Andrawes to help them.

Rev. Andrawes was struggling to understand what had happened. But, after having spoken to another pastor who helps people from masonic backgrounds, he decided to proclaim these words over Magdi: “These illness symptoms are lies from Satan. The curse is broken, and Satan has no power anymore! Because he is a son of the living Christ—he will not be taken. In the name of Jesus.”

Magdi stayed at the hospital for five days as doctors tried to determine what was wrong with him, performing many tests. During this time, Rev. Andrawes and Magdi’s family continued to pray and proclaim God’s truth over his life.

The good news is that God miraculously healed Magdi, including the gangrene in his leg! 

Today Magdi is a changed man and a prayer warrior.

This is where you come into Magdi’s and Rev. Andrawes’ story. It happened because workers in Egypt were able to put Derek’s teaching into Rev. Andrawes’ and Magdi’s hands. It happened because of your ongoing generosity towards our outreach in the Middle East.

Will you continue to help?

By making a contribution, you will enable us to:


With your help, we can continue to help church leaders like Rev. Andrawes carry the healing power of God’s Word to more believers like Magdi.

By giving a gift today, you can make 2018 a year of spiritual freedom and joy for seekers and Christians in the Middle East. Thank you in advance for your help.
Yours in Christ’s service,


How you can help:

  • Pray for Christians like Alin and other believers in the Middle East.
  • Give $10, $20 or whatever you can share for printing books in Arabic and Sorani.
  • Give $20 or $50 to distribute Secure Digital (SD) cards loaded with Derek’s teaching.

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