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Hundreds are Fed Physically and Spiritually in Cambodia

What Shall We Eat?

The economic situation in Cambodia is still in a very bad way, with unemployment increasing while many factories are closed and the revenue from tourism is significantly declining. Many local churches are looking for support for their communities, both spiritually and physically. Our DPM-Cambodia team is adjusting their outreach strategy according to the situation by undertaking relief work through churches and reaching out to the related communities.

The Gospel is Preached to Thousands 

A church in Phnom Penh asked if we would hold a Covid-19 outreach for their community due to so many people losing their jobs. We agreed to provide food packages to 100 families and these were  organized  by the church and local authorities. Along with giving out food packages, we presented the Gospel message. This was live-streamed on five different social  media channels. I was a bit nervous as I knew many, many people would be watching, but I knew clearly that it was only God who could make it possible to preach in public through social media, enabling us to reach even more people. Praise the Lord, that even in front of the local authorities and social media, many people still raised their hand to accept Jesus as their savior.

God Turns Curse to Blessing

There is a church in the Kandal province (south east Cambodia) which has come under a lot of persecution. The church leader asked us for support and so we worked in conjunction with a Christian leader in the Government (who represents Cambodian Christians) to visit and undertake some Covid-19 relief outreach work.  One hundred families attended the evangelistic event, including the village chief and community officers who used to put the church under a lot of pressure and persecution.  We  were  not  only given food packages to distribute, but we also shared about Jesus Christ and each person was given one of Derek’s booklets. So another stronghold is broken and we saw many people raising their hand to accept Jesus into their lives. God has turned curse to blessing in this village; praise to the Lord!

Our Heavenly Father Knows What We Need

Matthew    6:25-26  is   the    Bible   verse    we    keep preaching to the communities  we  visit.  Our heavenly Father, who is the creator of the universe,   is taking care of us all. Funding for outreach has enabled us to buy rice and other dried food for each family, along with gifting them one of Derek’s booklets.

Rice may last two weeks, but we believe a miracle  will happen when these ones keep proclaiming the words of the Lord over their lives.