Brano Eastern Europe Director.

Dear Ministry Partner,

We thank you for your support of the work in Ukraine at this difficult time. Please find an update of the actual work taking place with the resources provided.

In the past week we transferred a substantial amount for this work, under the care of DPM Eastern Europe. Following is an excerpt of a field report, compiled by our Director Brano.

At the beginning of April, Brano will meet with leaders from several churches in Poland and deliver the most needed aid, such as food, medicine, hygiene items etc.

From there he will travel to Slovakia to meet local pastors from churches who serve the refugees in transit to the EU.  As the situation on the border is changing day by day, churches adapt to the actual situation and needs.

In Romania, more than 500,000 refugees have entered from Ukraine. The church to which DPM’s representatives belong, has been active in many ways, as they have good connections where they could help effectively.

In one of the villages, a school has set up a refugee centre for families. The greatest need was for sleeping arrangements and, initially, 600 new complete sets of mattresses, sheets, pillows and duvets have been provided. Other types of humanitarian aid, such as food supplies will follow.

At the northern border of Romania with Ukraine, an organisation ‘Hope for the Children’, has organised a camp for refugees in transit. The greatest need was for food and personal hygiene items. Mid-March the church went with a humanitarian convoy, offering 4 tonnes of food and personal care. More than 100 refugees pass through this camp daily.

In addition the team in Romania has been involved in providing shelter to groups of over 20 people, most of whom are believers, many with children and even babies. They provided people with 2 or 3 of Derek’s books to encourage these refugees.


Vlad Chazov - DPM Ukraine.

From Ukraine Vlad advises us that he continues to share Derek’s materials as a source of hope. He has redesigned Extravagant Love and The Divine Exchange to make these easier for distribution. New proclamation cards with relevant topics have been distributed. These cards in Ukrainian and Russian have been delivered to the Eastern European offices and will be distributed together with humanitarian aid.



Prayer in Ukraine just before the conflict started.

Vlad Chazov - DPM Ukraine.

Pray with us...

  • Please pray for the people of Ukraine – pray for the protection of the vulnerable people, old people, children, and soldiers who are caught in the conflict and live in conflict zones. 
  • Pray for Ukrainian churches to be a beacon of hope in these difficult times, pray that we will reach out to support our communities and care for each other. 
  • Pray for a solution to be found by politicians, pray they would be lead by God and deliver them from evil.
  • Finally, please pray with us for opportunities to minister to people in our churches and communities using Derek Prince’s Bible teaching resources. 

Thank to all God’s people praying for us at this difficult time! May God bless you all and your countries. 


But for sure, the most important thing has already been done - thanks for your prayer and moral support!





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"But for sure, the most important thing has already been done - thanks for your prayer and moral support!"
Vlad Chazov

DPM Ukraine


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