A Word from the Word

a two minute devotional

Commit – Then Trust! 01/1

He’s in control. You can trust the bank with your money, and you can trust the Lord with your problem. Just take it to Him, commit it to Him, continue trusting in Him.

Death Brings Life

It’s your life, you control it, you make the decisions. You can decide what you want to do to it. You can hold onto it and keep it. But...

Promises That Stand the Test

What a beautiful truth, God’s promises have been thoroughly tested. They are not just theories, they are not just abstract theology, they are something that stand the test of life and circumstances. I want to give my personal testimony in line with that.

Embracing God’s Commands

What’s your attitude towards God’s commands? Do you fear them? Do you resent them? Do you try to get away from them? That’s a foolish attitude.

Anchored to God’s Law

One thing is certain in this world, we’re not going to escape affliction forever. At some time or other, each of us is going to know the meaning of that word affliction.

The Purpose of God’s Laws

The power behind the universe is not something purely physical. It’s not atoms or electrons or other scientific objects but it’s the Word of God. In the New Testament we are told that the heavens were formed by the Word of God.