A Word from the Word

a two minute devotional

Delighted in God 06/6

I think that to the majority of people religion is something to endure. It’s a kind of painful duty that they have to go through with, but that’s not the way God wants us to experience Him.

Sharing God’s Pleasures 06/5

We come to Him for refuge because we’re oppressed, because we cannot handle our problems. We take refuge in the shadow of His wings, but when we get in there under the shadow of His wings, then we discover that He’s provided much more for us than mere refuge.

Shielded 06/4

Remember this: the cross is God’s great stop sign. The devil may be moving in against us at full speed, but when we put up the cross, he slams on his brakes and comes to a screeching halt because he cannot pass the cross.

Taste and See 06/3

I’ll tell you one distinctive feature of taste. If we see something, it’s external to us. If we hear something, it’s external. If we touch something, it’s still outside us. If we smell something, it may be still far from us. But there’s one thing about taste...

Delivered from Fear 06/2

Are you oppressed with fear? I suppose the majority of people in our contemporary culture have some kind of fear that gnaws at them, that takes away their peace. Why not try David’s remedy?

Continual Praise 06/1

That’s a marvelous statement to come from a man’s lips at any time. “I will extol the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.” But how much more when we read the introductory words to the psalm.

The Unseen Army 05/7

Do you believe in angels? I want to tell you that I do. I believe there are myriads and myriads of good angels who are given charge over God’s people.