May 16, Sharing His Glory

What is the opposite of shame? I think that what is closest to being antithetical to shame is glory.

May 15, “Despising the Shame”

Here is a brief account of what happened after Jesus’ arrest in the garden of Gethsemane. Pontius Pilate had handed Jesus over to the soldiers to take Him out to be executed.

May 14, Freed from Shame

Shame is a cruel and ugly emotion, and it is found even among Christians. It is often the result of sexual abuse or emotional abuse, such as...

May 13, Enjoying the Blessing

If we are redeemed children of God, the curses do not belong to us, but the blessings do.

May 12, Caring for the Poor

The Bible consistently warns us against despising or exploiting the poor. There are a multitude of Scripture verses on this subject...

May 11, Meeting God’s Conditions

We must make an important, logical distinction between earning God’s grace, which is impossible, and meeting God’s conditions, which is...

May 10, God’s Grace in Finances

There are three basic principles that govern the operation of God’s grace. First, grace can never be earned;