August 22, Incorruptible Seed

It is the nature of the new man. This new nature cannot sin; it is incorruptible. Do you know why it is incorruptible? God’s seed remains in the new man. What is the seed?

August 21, The Product of Truth

Let’s look a little more fully at the exchange that takes place between the old man and the new man. The old man was the product of the devil’s lie. He was the product of deception.

August 20, New Man Living

The exchange that we are dealing with here is between the old man and the new man. The old man died in Christ on the cross, so that, by exchange, the new man might live in us now.

August 19, Perfect Circles

As I have said before, the term perfect often frightens people. To make this word less frightening, I would like to use a simple example from mathematics.

August 18, By One Sacrifice

As far as what Jesus has done, it is complete and perfect. Nothing must be added to it, and nothing can ever be taken away from it. Jesus’ sacrifice is valid forever.

August 17, The Fullness of Christ: God Himself

That is my aim—to enter into the fullness that has been given to us in Jesus Christ, who is to be our ultimate goal and satisfaction. We can illustrate this with...

August 16, Complete in Christ

I was once a professional philosopher. As such, I looked here, there, and everywhere for the answer to life’s problems. I looked in Christianity, as it was then presented to me, and concluded that...