May 23, The Holy Spirit’s Probe

The first step in overcoming rejection is to recognize the problem. Once you recognize it, you can deal with it.

May 22, Remedy for Rejection

I believe the primary result of rejection is the inability to receive or communicate love.

May 21, We Are Accepted!

Rejection, simply defined, is the sense of being unwanted or the sense that, although you want people to love you, no one does.

May 20, Ordained for Glory

When we are identified with Jesus in His death, we enter into His abundant inheritance. We become heirs of God and...

May 19, Boasting in the Cross

One day, the Holy Spirit spoke to me through tongues and interpretation: “Consider the work of Calvary, a perfect work...

May 18, Helping God’s Chosen Ones

We all need to devote more time to thinking about that word glory, because it is our destination. If there is a price to pay for glory, believe me, it is worth it.

May 17, The Joy Set before Him

Hebrews 12:2 calls Jesus the “finisher of our faith.” The same verse in both the New International and New American Standard Bible versions refers to Jesus as...