June 22, The Measure of Commitment

God entered into covenant with Abraham, as recorded in Genesis 15. Each person involved—God and Abraham—made a total commitment.

June 21, Enjoying God

Right at the beginning of human history, when man first related to God, their relationship was so simple. There were not a lot of religious rituals and paraphernalia.

June 20, The Price of Friendship

Often, the measure of God’s commitment to you is determined by the measure of your commitment to Him.

June 19, Perfect Fellowship

The Greek word for fellowship is koinonia. It is an important word in New Testament Greek that literally means, “sharing in common.”

June 18, God’s Standard of Friendship

Alas, in the world today, the word friend has been watered down. It has become a cheap word, and friendship can be a cheap thing.

June 17, Our True Home

Once when I was really concerned about my own spiritual condition, I asked God to make heaven more real to me.

June 16, Pleasing the Father

Over the years, I have observed that one persistent, pervasive problem in the church is personal ambition and competition among leaders, specifically ministers.