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Being Yielded Equipping Pack

Being Yielded Equipping Pack

Pack comprises: God's Will for Your Life T96 (Book) and The Grace of Yielding CD4040 (CD)


Biography/Foundation Set Pack

Pack contains 'Derek Prince: A Biography', B63 (Book), and 'Foundational Truths for Christian Living', B52 (Book)


Blessing Or Curse: You Can Choose!

Discover how you can pass from the dark shadow of a curse into the sunlight of God's Blessings.

From $11.25

Breaking Curses Equipping Pack

Breaking Curses Equipping Pack

Pack comprises: Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose (B56R) Book, and Release from the Curse (CDTS008),2CD Set.


By Grace Alone

From $9.50

Christian Foundations Gift Pack

Christian Foundations Gift Pack

Pack contains: Foundational Truths for Christian Living B52 (Book), and The Six Foundation Stones CDTS021 (2 CD Set)


Entering the Presence of God Pack

Pack Comprises: Entering the Presence of God B67 (Book) and You Shall Receive Power B68 (Book)


Faith and Hope Pack

Faith and Hope Pack

Pack contains 'Faith to Live By', B29 (Book) and 'The Helmet of Hope', CD4016 (CD)


Faith and Works

From $1.95

Faith to Live By

This vital resource will help you understand what faith is, how it can grow stronger, and how you can receive the promises of a faith-filled life.This book is 192 pages.


Father God Booklet

Do you know God as your Father? This is the profound question Derek Prince addresses in Father God.


Fatherhood Gift Pack

Fatherhood Gift Pack

Pack Comprises: Husbands and Fathers B45 (Book), and Husbands and Fathers CDTS009 (2 Cd Set)


Final Judgement

From $1.95

Freedom and Deliverance Pack

Freedom and Deliverance Pack

Pack comprises: They Shall Expel Demons B42 (Book) and Deliverance and Demonology CDDD1 (6 CD Set)


God's Last Word Study Guide Booklet

How To Fast Successfully

Previously published as How to Fast Successfully. Reading this book and applying the Biblical guidelines for fasting will help you obtain the greatest benefits from fasting, both spiritual and physical.


Introduction to Israel Pack

Introduction to Israel Pack

Pack contains 'The Keys to the Middle East ',B34 (Book), and 'Why Israel', CD4414 (CD)




Laying the Foundation Study Guide
Marriage and Family Gift Pack

Marriage and Family Gift Pack

Pack contains 'God is a Matchmaker' B35 (Book),'Husbands and Fathers' B45 (Book), Marriage Covenant B31 (Book), and'Let God Choose Your Mate' CDTS003 (2CD Set).


Marriage Covenant


Praying for the Nation Pack

Pray for the Nation Pack

Pack contains 'Praying for the Government' B20 (Book), 'Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting' B25 (Book)and 'Intervening by Prayer in National Affairs CD4002 (CD)


Proclamation Pack

Proclamation Pack

Pack contains 'Declaring God's Word', B97 (Book) and Proclamation Card Set (30 Cards).This book is 428 pages.


Receiving God's Promises

Inheriting Our Earthly and Heavenly Blessings in Christ


Romans Series Study Guide

Romans Series Study Guide


Spiritual Power Gift Pack

Spiritual Power Gift Pack

Spiritual Power Gift Pack includes 'Spiritual Warfare' T36 (Book), and 'The Enemies we face, CDEFI (4CD Set)



The Purpose of Testing and how to respond.


The Christian and his Money Pack

The Christian and his Money Pack

Pack contains 'God's Plan for your Money',T117 (Book) and Christian Principles of Finance CD4013 (CD)


The Coming Revival


They Shall Expel Demons: Expanded Edition

Paperback and eBookThey Shall Expel Demons: Expanded EditionIn this practical, comprehensive handbook on deliverance, Derek Prince addresses the fears and misconceptions often associated with the subject of demons. Expanded Edition: Now Includes a Study Course. What You Need to Know about Demons - Your Invisible Enemies.

From $12.95

Unshakable Hope


Victory Pack

Victory Pack

Pack Comprises: Bought with the Blood B47 (Book) and Reigning Now with Christ CDRC1 (6 CD Set)


Why Bad Things Happen to God's People

Making Sense of Trials and Tribulations in Your Life.


Woman of Prayer Gift Pack

Woman of Prayer Gift Pack

Pack comprises: Appointment in Jerusalem B26 (Book), and Mother In Israel CD8101 (CD)